La Torre (The Tower)
Piazza Giusti 8, Montecatini Alto, 51010 tel: +39 057 270650
La Torre is about 8 minutes drive from the house in Montecatini Alto. It is situated in the main square and you can eat outside or inside. The interior is spectacular old Tuscan style and is well worth having a look even if it’s too hot to eat inside. We have had several of the pasta dishes, lamb, pork, steak….all very good.

Da Marino
Via provinciale Lucchese 102, 51030, Ponte di Serravalle  tel: +39 057 351042
Da Marino’s is about 6 minutes drive from the house. It is recommended by the River Café Italian restaurant in London and  has a Michelin star. It looks like an ordinary front room and is quite small. The food is excellent and the owner is very welcoming and explains all the dishes with recommendations.

Local restaurant, 5 minutes drive from the house. Pelligrino is a traditional Tuscan restaurant. The food is very good…pizza’s cost around 6-8 euro and they are very good.

Uno Piu
Via del Mezzomiglio, 16, Pieve a Nievole, 51018, Phone: +39 (0572) 951143
This is a hotel with a very good restaurant, 10 minutes drive.….interesting menu, we’ve tried the whole fish baked in salt, pasta, meat dishes and pizzas.

This is just down the road from Uno Piu and is a restaurant and pizzeria. The food is very good and reasonably priced.

Il Maialetto
Via della Repubblica 70, Monsummano Terme, tel: +39 573 83147
This restaurant is in Monsummano Terme and specialises pork meat (hence the name). Just about every cut of meat from a pig is served here. Interesting menu……

Relais La Belluccia
Via Marlianese 63-67, Serravalla Pistoiese, Montecatini Terme,
This is just down the road from the house.Travelling from Montecatini, Belluccia is on the left just before you reach Nievole. It’s a pizzeria/restaurant and reasonably priced..

Il Bivio (The Junction)
This is a pizzeria halfway up the hill from Nievole to Montecatini Alto. The restaurant is set right on a junction of 4 roads (hence the name). Very good pizzas here for about 6-8 euro.

Fattoria il Poggio
Via S.Piero, 39 Montecarlo (LU) Tel +39 0583 22088
Il Poggia is a vineyard selling local wine. They offer a cold meats/cheese/pasta menu with wine tasting for 20 euros. You get a huge meat and cheese platter with bread, a plate of fresh pasta of the day and wine tasting of 3 whites, 3 reds, vino santo and limoncello. You eat/taste in their old wine cellar.
N.B. Its quite acceptable to have a plate of pasta or a pizza with a glass of house wine. This makes for a very nice lunch at a very reasonable price.